Bitter Homes and Gardens

About Bitter Homes and Gardens


Bitter Homes and Gardens is an award-winning web series (Best Comedy in New York Film Festival) starring real life married couple Fielding Edlow (BOJACK HORSEMAN, BEHIND THE CANDELABRA) and Larry Clarke (TWIN PEAKS, CONTAGION). They are one dead cat away from divorce or one unvalidated parking ticket away from somebody getting anthrax in their Puffins. It’s a marriage from hell which on some level is all marriages. She's a self-obsessed snack blogger, he's a self-obsessed balding character actor. They say things aloud that most of us would consider a “deal breaker” but they’re just getting started.

Bitter Homes and Gardens is like if the BROAD CITY girls grew up and married a portly Chandler from FRIENDS.

Other characters include Fielding’s personal organizer, AMY, who Fielding has to constantly “Pay Pal” just to hang out with her. Larry’s little “brother”, REGGIE, a shut-down Brentwood millennial who spent a year locked in his room trying to tell the Olsen twins apart. Fielding’s mom, FRAN, a part-time therapist/stay at home narcissist and her Dad, DICK, who carries around with him a bag of gold coins and a hemorrhoid cushion. Larry’s brother, LIAM, who is the assistant conductor of the Grove Trolley and treats it like it’s a NASA launch.

Take a break from your own marriage and hang out with Fielding and Larry… I promise they will make your own relationship look like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward (but without the cheating and the Oscars).